We have extensive experience with designing and manufacturing cable harnesses, as well as channel partners that can support all of your custom harness requirements.

  • All volumes, small to large
  • Many wire termination options
  • We can also stock completed harnesses for you


We kit your orders from procured parts and can fulfill a broad range of special requirements as well as order grouping.

  • Special or custom kit labeling
  • Separate bagging
  • Combined orders

Terminal Block Assemblies

We can assemble rails and customize tags to your specifications for complete ready-to-install terminal block assemblies.

  • DIN rail cut to any size
  • Super-fast turnaround
  • We stock full assemblies to simplify your inventory

Terminal Block Marking Cards

Marking cards make it easier for your employees to wire and troubleshoot panels. Our terminal block marking system can print standard and custom cards for almost any block manufacturer.

  • Standard marking
  • Custom marking
  • Super-fast turnaround

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor-managed inventory is a streamlined approach to managing your inventory. We work with you to create an optimized and personalized plan for inventory replenishment.

  • Lowers your inventory and costs
  • Vendor-managed so your employees can focus on other value-added work
  • Weekly-maintained for better inventory control