Many specialized variations for industrial and automation applications, including motor run and power factor correction.

Circuit Protection

Protect against surges, shorts, incorrectly wired power, overcurrent, overvoltage, and overtemperature.


Make and break large electrical loads for automation equipment. IEC application-based and NEMA general purpose.


Disconnect power in distribution networks, mains, motors, and cabinets. Interlocks, fused, lockable and more.


Numeric, alphanumeric, and full graphic displays. Deliver key information through visual indicators.


House and protect electrical and electronic equipment. Protect users from equipment and equipment from the environment.


Keep equipment cool with fans and blowers. Axial fans for low backpressure systems and blowers for concentrated flow.


Suppress conducted and radiated interference on signal and power lines. Helps with emissions and immunity.


Rapidly improving technologies provide great options for significantly more efficient lamps (less energy, longer life).

Motors and Drives

Extend product life and reliability with a broad range of ruggedized motors and high-tech variable frequency drives.

Motor Protection

Manual motor starts and overload relays protect against short circuits, overloads, overtemperature, and phase failures.

Power Supplies

Transform line voltage (AC) to low voltage (DC) with high-efficiency switching power supplies or lower cost linear supplies.


Control the flow of current with NEMA-rated and IEC-rated electromechanical and electronic relays.


Simple idea. Endless variations. Control signals with poles and throws and a huge range of actuations options.

Terminal Blocks

Modular products for fastening wires. Broad range of materials, ratings, clamp types, classifications, and marking.


Accurate and repeatable timing and monitoring for all types of automation and industrial applications.


Step down voltages. Common variations include open style or encapsulated, NEMA or IEC, and touch proof covers.

Wire Management

Organize, route, secure, and mark wires and cables. Improve serviceability and speed of troubleshooting.